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Having been a successful workingwoman I faced the cross road of what I would do next. Staying at home with him during his first year was so rewarding that I decided I needed to find an opportunity that would allow me to be an active businesswoman while also balancing the time my son deserves; hence, Earthly Maid.

After years of experience in the residential cleaning industry I decided to open my very own company specifically holding my values as a mom in place. As a result Earthly Maid prides itself on using chemical free, natural cleaning products, which are as safe for your family as I would expect for mine. Also, in addition to residential cleaning we also provide à la carte services such as Window Cleaning and Pressure Cleaning.

Earthly Maid, now open for over four years, is proud to provide working moms the flexibility to be part of an organization that values not only the work they do but also the family they have at home.