The Earthly Choice

landscape-clouds-floral-flower-grass-lake-landscape-lavender-lovely-mountain-mountains-nature-peaceful-scenic-sky-spring-treeEarthly Maid is your source for natural cleaning services; here is why!

Over the last couple of decades it has become chic to promote the reduction of chemical and artificial products from our food, our beverages, and clothes. But what about the way we clean our home? The cleaning products we have grown up using would appear to be the only choice we have; they have been passed down from generation to generation and for what it’s worth we think they are getting the job done. But are they the only way, the best way? Have you considers what drives your trust in cleaning products; is it the results or simply brand recognition that brings you back to the same spot in the grocery store shelf?

The United Sates Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shares those same concerns when it comes to government use of cleaning chemicals. As such they have developed purchasing guidelines “to help government purchasers consider environmental factors in purchasing decision”. They also note that cleaning products “may contain chemicals associated with eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or other human health issues”.

Here are the 5 principles they suggest when making the decision of which cleaning products you will use, we urge you to use the same principles when deciding which cleaning service to bring into your home:

  • Include environmental factors as well as traditional considerations of price and performance as part of the normal purchasing process.
  • Emphasize pollution prevention early in the purchasing process.
  • Examine multiple environmental attributes throughout a product’s or service’s life cycle.
  • Compare relative environmental impacts when selecting products and services.
  • Collect and base purchasing decisions on accurate and meaningful information about environmental performance.

Earthly Maid prides itself in providing our customers the highest level of cleaning service using only natural cleaning products. Our goal is to provide you with a clean home yet doing so in a way that enhances your homes health and minimizes environmental impact.